Founder and President of parent company HIGH GROWTH HOLDINGS Inc. and it's two children companies, ROYAL CONCENTRATES Inc. and THCoin Inc.  ERIKA JONES is an entrepreneur, medical scientist and artist.  She is an honorary Ph.D candidate in Neuropharmachology for the research she is conducting with ROYAL CONCENTRATES.  She completed her graduate studies in homeopathic medicine at Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine and did her thesis on how Hormesis, a toxicological phenomena that supports how homeopathic medicine works in the body.  She is also proposing a thesis for a Ph.D in Medical Science at Oxford for her methodology in prescribing cannabis as a medicine.  In her spare time,  you can find Erika doing yoga, running, painting, or writing up a storm.  Her philanthropic pursuits include helping the homeless, empowering women that have been abused and her own charity venture entitled "The Penny Miracle."

Founder & President


Since 2006, Mr. Mehrali served as President of a private CFO consulting business that provides regulatory and finance services to start-up brokerage firms in Canada.  With over 30 years of financial services experience, he has also been CFO for several firms including Wells Fargo Canada Securities, Brookfield Securities and Virtual Brokers.  He also served as Vice President, Finance, at Genuity Capital Markets; Assistant Controller, Investment Technology Group Canada; Director of Finance, CIBC World Markets.  Recently, he has provided Consulting Services to start up Medicinal Cannabis firms, assisting them as they proceeded with a public listing.

Chief Financial Officer


With over ten years of experience in the Information Technology field, Mr. Touré has served as Architect, Technology Director, and CTO in several tech start-ups and companies. He is the architect & Tech Lead behind an innovative blockchain-based advertising ecosystem and the subject-matter expert (SME) for a blockchain-based multi-asset margin trading crypto exchange. He has substantial expertise in real-time & collaborative platforms, cloud (AWS, Azure), AdTech, Blockchain, ML, AI, IoT, EdTech. His scientific experiences and publications have earned him numerous awards and scholarships in more than one continent.
Mr. Touré is a Certified Blockchain Solution Architect by Blockchain Training Alliance and completed the Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application program from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Chief Technology Officer